AN-NOOR Halal Meat

Visual identity

The Agribusiness Group “Resource” makes products for those who value traditions and quality for themselves and their loved ones, regardless of age or religion.

The AN-NOOR brand of the “Resource” company is produced according to the universally accepted halal standards in the Muslim world. It has a distinct “Eastern” character, reflected in all external attributes: the name, font and graphic elements, and color scheme. The product is recognized in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, indicating high control and compliance with all halal requirements.

As part of the creative tender, DS1 agency developed visual identity for the concept of lamb labels for the Agribusiness Group.

The main task was to adhere to the halal canons and create a unique identity for AN-NOOR brand. Today, many manufacturers strive to meet the needs of their Muslim audience, so the packaging of Resource’s meat products had to stand out from the competitive environment.

The appetizing food zone became the focal point on the label so that the consumer would understand what to expect when cooking. The naturalness is a halal canon, so a craft board was drawn.


  • Analysis
  • Development of visual packaging concept
  • Food zone design
  • Claim development
  • Concept adaptation and differentiation into 2 SKUs
  • Prepress

The packaging is done in green color and adorned with traditional Islamic ornaments. The label emphasizes the benefits and quality of the product: the meat is GMO-free, natural feed was used, highlighting the main principles of halal.

The visual identity from DS1 looks modern, concise, and stands out on the shelf among the competitive environment. These products are successfully sold in the Middle-East: e. g., the UAE, Saudi Arabia.

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