Candice Dessert

Maria Yarushina Candice Brand manager
Maria Yarushina Candice Brand manager

The comprehensive work on the design of product cards, descriptions, and visuals paid off, and we received an increase in clicks. It was easy to work with DS1 branding because they are very flexible. They listened to us and understood our preferences, and together we managed to find a solution that solves the problem and resonates with us internally. Very often you can hear “I am an artist – I see it this way” and many contractors insist on their point of view and do not listen to important points that can be voiced by the client. In addition to professionalism, it was important that they hear and understand us. That’s why we were able to find a solution that led to a positive result.

Candice is a young team of sweet lovers that produces delicious low-calorie, sugar-free desserts in a jar for those who care about their health. The brand decided to undergo a rebranding process, as the current packaging did not adequately represent the product’s essence, uniqueness, or the pleasure derived from the dessert. The focus was to differentiate the brand from competitors by emphasizing taste, aesthetics, and hedonism. E-commerce became the key channel for product sales.


  • Analytics
  • Copywriting
  • Development of creative packaging concept
  • Concept adaptation and differentiation into 8 SKU
  • Key visual
  • Prepress