Dary Kubani

Building a brand from scratch

DS1 branding has already worked with Southern Juice Company redesigning juices Dary Kubani. Warm green shades were chosen for the new style. Natural and beneficial components are highlighted to make visuals correlate with the client’s message.

A new task for DS1 branding was developing a new line of juices for kids. It was important to show continuity between regular and kids juices. Taking into account the results of a deep analysis of the brand-platform, DS1 has come up with the idea for the packaging: bright and warm colors symbolizing the southern sun`s power.


  • Analytics, research
  • Packaging concept developmentt
  • Adaptation of the concept and distribution into 10 SKUs
  • Pre-press preparation

To catch the kids’ audience eye the agency created unique mascots: well-developed detailed animals: a baby fox, a baby bunny, a hoglet etc were integrated into a food-zone. These animals evoke affection and trust in children making them desire the whole collection. Detailed claims with benefits and recommendations were also created: “4+”, “Eco”, “No added sugar”, “for kids”, “100% juice”. It is especially important for the choice of products for children.

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