Nivea Gift Sets

Packaging design

Nivea is one of the world’s largest skin care brands, producing more than 50 products in 173 countries.

In this project, we were faced with the task of developing the design of exclusive gift sets. Each of them had a unique composition and its own target audience, based on whose needs we developed the identity of the sets.

The set with night and day face creams is aimed at a wider target audience, so the identity here is reminiscent of self-tenderness – soft silk in the popular Tiffany color, on which the products are located, is reminiscent of tenderness, softness and beauty.


  • Market analysis
  • Developing a creative promotional identity concept
  • Concept adaptation and differentiation into 4 SKU
  • Prepress

In the first set with micellar water, the main leitmotif of the entire identity was concern for the environment, since, firstly, the product is made from recyclable plastic, and, secondly, cleansing the skin is a manifestation of caring for it, as well as caring for nature is caring for the planet.

It is also important that the target audience of this set is girls 25-35 years old, the segment most actively involved in the trend of caring for nature and its resources. That is why in the packaging design we placed the product as if in the arms of a tree that carefully envelops the product packaging, and reinforced the message with the brand “Caring for the skin and the planet.”

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