Well-fed Dad


The products of the brand for more than 10 years are loved by the buyer for their taste and quality, but the stylistically differentiated design of the goods did not cause a proper associative line in the consumer.

Within the framework of the existing brand it was necessary to update the packaging for the product “fish nuggets”, while highlighting the UTP of the product within the trademark “Well-fed Dad”. Create a single comprehensible and easy to further differentiate design system. As always, it is important to move away from competitors, to show the advantages of the product to the target audience.

With these objectives, LINA turned to DS1 branding.


  • Analytics, research
  • Development of the packaging creative concept
  • Adaptation for all SKUs
  • Prepress

Among the brands specializing in the same industry prevailed “traditional” as the company “Miratorg” or “emotionally inflammatory” like the brand “Hot thing” positioning. In order to stand out from other nuggets and finger food products, it was decided to use a “intermediate” positioning from the already available on the market in this category, less competitive for the niche.

In fish nuggets “Well-fed Dad ” emphasis is made on taste aspects, on appetite. The character of the brand is cheerful, transmitting positive.

When developing the concept for fish knights, the team relied on the proximity of the “drive” mood inherent in the branding of the archetype of “shut”: a fun, cheerful image that carries lightness and at the same time the tradition, quality and care for the buyer, characteristic of the Archetype “careful”.

It was important for the creators of “Well-fed Dad” to keep the key color of the packaging saturated yellow as the main element of brand identity. The packaging of the product has acquired a new yellow-blue color, held in bright shades. This choice of color palette emphasizes the customer’s attention to the composition of nuggets: they are made not of meat, but of fish.

The main emphasis in the packaging is on the foot zone. The overall atmosphere – appetizing, ready-to-use products gives an association of a full-fledged nutritious lunch, dinner or fast snack. The packaging shows a possible way of serving: the consumer’s familiar taste combination of nuggets with sauce. The benefits of the product are labeled: “Omega 3”, “Iodine”, “B12”,“PP”. For the convenience of the buyer, the cooking method is indicated on the back.

The style of the new packaging corresponds to the selected positioning, successfully emphasized the own identity of the products “Well-fed Dad”: emphasis was made on appetite and the benefit of nuggets.

Harmonically selected bright colors enhanced the recognition of products. Thanks to the DS1 team’s redesign of fish snacks, a consistent visual impression of the product has been created, the brand recognition has been enhanced among customers. The work has helped to emphasize the uniqueness of the product and the peculiarity of its positioning in the market. Understood, orderly design system makes the packaging design convenient to spread to new formats and tastes.

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