Dolce Albero

Packaging design

Created in diverse corners of the world, the products from the Dolce Albero collection offer pleasure with exquisite flavors that combine the spirit and traditions of the countries they come from: chocolate from Switzerland, confectionery from Belgium, olives and capers from Italy, and coffee from the finest plantations around the world.

“Dolce Albero” is the in-house brand which products are created in different corners of the world. Each of them has its own uniqueness, mood, and features. Each line has its own mood and target direction, reflected in the design.

This is exactly what we tried to express in creating the visual brand identity. We have developed designs for more than a hundred SKUs, dividing them into lines and working on differentiation within them.We used different patterns, color schemes, and fonts, each of which reflects the specificity of the product.


  • In-depth research
  • Packaging design development from scratch
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