Kellogg’s Gift Set

Packaging design

Kellogg’s is a globally renowned manufacturer of breakfast cereals and quick-prep products. It is represented by well-known brands such as “Lyubyatovo”, “Unicorn”, “Pringles”, and others. Kellogg’s Extra is an unique combination of granola and premium ingredients (chocolate pieces, fruits, and nuts) that bring incredible pleasure.

In this project, our task was to design the gift set packaging for Kellogg’s Extra Selection cookies. These are tender granola cookies, made with crispy baked grains, with pieces of chocolate and hazelnuts.

The product was launched just before New Year’s, however, the branding of the future product was not to be based on Christmas elements. This is because the client wanted to extend the potential shelf life of the product without limiting it to the winter holidays. The Kellogg’s Extra Selection cookie set is a great gift not only for New Year’s, but also for Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day, and other equally enjoyable occasions.



  • analysis
  • development of creative packaging concept
  • prepress preparation
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