Gusto di Roma Pasta

Branding from scratch
Leo Capasso Brand manager
Leo Capasso Brand manager

We approached DS1 branding with a product that was about to enter the market. What we knew for certain was that we wanted to mentally take the consumer to Italy with the taste of our pasta, as if they were having dinner with their Italian nonna (grandmother). As a result of our collaboration with DS1, we received a stylish, modern design: the label perfectly visualizes dinner in Italy with the family. We also included possible options for cooking the pasta on the package, demonstrating from the get-go what our product could be used to cook. We are extremely pleased with our collaboration with DS1 branding and hope to work together again in the future

Gusto Di Roma is the new brand. The company of the client purchased Italian equipment to introduce a line of Italian pasta to the market. The challenge DS1 faced was to create a brand that would align with the Italian essence of the product while distinguishing it from competitors. The name “Gusto di Roma,” which translates to “Taste of Rome” in Italian, was developed. The name is easy to pronounce, memorable, and encapsulates the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of the product.


  • Analytics
  • Brand positioning development
  • Naming
  • Descriptor creation
  • Slogan creation
  • Copywriting
  • Logo creation
  • Development of creative packaging concept
  • Food-zone development
  • Key visual
  • Concept adaptation and distribution of 10 SKU
  • Prepress
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