Valio Ice Cream

Branding from scratch
Anne Orehova Valio Brand Manager
Anne Orehova Valio Brand Manager

Our main goal was to stand out from the crowd and create a visual brand block on the shelf space. During the creative process, the creators demonstrated a deep analysis of the category and an understanding of the target audience, as well as interesting and unconventional solutions. For us, this became the decisive factor in choosing DS1 agency as our partner. This is not the first collaboration between Valio and DS1 agency. We are completely satisfied with the outcome of the project and confident that our consumers will highly appreciate not only the taste and quality of the new ice cream but also derive aesthetic pleasure from the packaging of this product!

A subsidiary of Valio, Finland’s largest producer of milk and food products, approached DS1 to develop the packaging design for a new line of ice cream. The task involved identifying the key needs of the target audience and developing a design system that would set the product apart in a highly competitive market.


  • Market analysis
  • Copywriting
  • Development of the creative concept of packaging
  • Food-zone development
  • Concept adaptation and differentiation into 8 SKU
  • Prepress
  • Key visual
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