Building a brand from a scratch

The task and the brand

DS1 branding has launched new Japanese brand of household chemicals Kasumi containing such categories as washing powder, fabric softener, dishwashing detergent.
Initially the brand was developed for countries in Asia: Japan and Korea, however, taking into account the possibility of entering the global market was necessary.


  • Market analysis
  • Visual identity development
  • Logo development
  • Packaging development
  • Design system development
  • Copywright
  • Adaptation for all SKUs
  • Pre-press

Analysis and research

According to the data found during research, Japanese household chemicals are in demand among consumers all over the world. This choice is influenced by global trends for eco-friendly goods and family care: Japanese technologies are famous for their effectiveness and safe ingredients.

Having studied Korean and Japanese products sold on the global market, DS1 branding found characteristics differentiating the identity of Asian brands, their technological and modern nature.

DS1 branding had to design identity for a new brand in Asian style highlighting its origin and effectiveness, setting it apart from competitors and making it stand out on the shelf with Asian household chemicals.


DS1 branding has developed a visual identity and design system for Kasumi. Modernity, multifunctionality and other characteristics are pointed out in a new brand. Well-developed style differentiates the brand from its competitors.
Every category has its special features but all the packages are united by a logo and design system.

DS1 branding chose Japanese hieroglyphs as design basis. All the claims are translated to English to be understood all over the world. Bright and juicy colors of the logo symbolize tidiness and solicitude: as if clothes, dishes and other objects will sparkle with new colors after using Kasumi products.

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