Introducing a product into the Russian market
Olga Seifert Managing Partner
Olga Seifert Managing Partner

“We are completely satisfied with the results of working with the DS1 agency and would rate it 10/10. Every time we look at our product we fall in love with it again and again. Absolutely all goals and objectives were successfully completed. Now our packaging speaks for itself and all the benefits of our product are easily visible and readable. Moreover, our product qualitatively stands out from others on the market. We started receiving compliments more often.”


The German brand Miradent turned to DS1 branding with the task of bringing the innovative new product XyliPop to the mass market. XyliPop is the world’s first sweet lollipop that is not only safe, but also effective for oral health and recommended by dentists. It contains xylitol, a natural sweetener that helps prevent tooth decay by replenishing missing dental minerals.


  • Analytics, research, audit
  • Positioning development and adaptation to the Russian market
  • Development of visual identity and packaging
  • Copywriting, development of brands, USP of the product
  • Quantitative concept testing
  • Showbox development
  • Character development
  • Adaptation to suit different tastes
  • E-commerce
  • Pre-press preparation

The DS1 branding team conducted a thorough analysis of the market and competitive environment to determine the target audience for further work on the XyliPop brand. After conducting analytics, packaging audits, and target group research, we formed several theses for positioning XyliPop. Each of them highlighted the uniqueness and value of the product for the target audience.

The DS1 team created a recognizable, “speaking” brand image that meets the consumer’s request. The packaging has become bright, fresh and exciting to attract the attention of both children and parents. The main color of the packaging, turquoise, conveys a feeling of freshness and creates an association with the medical field, which is important for this product. The key element shifted in adaptation from character to tooth. So the consumer immediately perceives the benefits for teeth.

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